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Motocross: the history of the sport and its category



Without a doubt, Motocross is a sport that requires a high level of concentration, offers a lot of adrenaline in its practice and also for the audience that watches it. 

In this sense, knowing how Motocross came about and knowing the categories of this sport is fundamental for those who like motorcycles or want to practice this modality.

In addition, despite being little practised, Motocross is successful in other parts of the world, especially in English-speaking countries, such as England, the United States, New Zealand and Australia. 


How did Motocross come about?

After all, where was Motocross born? Returning to England in the 18th century, the way in which motocross emerged is very close to the invention of motorcycles, as, since the first models developed in England, they were already used on cross country tracks. 

However, the format of the sport was not what we know today. The speed was reduced, the manoeuvres were basically more or less sharp turns. 

The pilots were protected by helmets, almost decorative – imagine the danger it was, with the lack of security. But the motivation remains despite the passage of time: the quest for adrenaline.

At first, the international competition was held in France, in 1939. Soon with it came the need to standardize the tests, rules and participation of the pilots. In addition, it took many years before racing became popular, this popularity only came in the 50s and 60s. However, still limited to the European continent. 

With the beginning of the ’60s, the United States started to receive European pilots and to work to develop the modality. From then on, leaving the United States for Brazil were about 20 years apart. Just as motocross emerged in other regions of the world, in the country the categories were still very bad. 

After the popularization of the sport in North America, Brazil started to receive pilots from other countries that introduced the most aggressive manoeuvres in the style of driving. Motocross, like other sports, was born as an option for entertainment and fun. 

As the years passed and with the modernization of equipment, motorcycles and increasingly better techniques applied by riders, Motocross reached the status of a sport. 

Currently, it brings together automakers and fans of adrenaline around different modalities and competitions around the planet.

What are the Motocross Subdivisions?

So far we’ve talked about Motocross history, now we’ll talk about something more technical. So come on, splitting Motocross is simple: off-road and on-road

The off-road, as the translation itself says, is something off the road, on dirt tracks and rough terrain. 

And the other is “in reverse”? The on-road can be on asphalt, indoor circuits , as in closed race tracks.

What is the most practised subdivision? 

The most practised is off-road, and the main aspects are:

  • Tracks – In this aspect, the dispute is more dynamic, with trial model bikes, more agile and with reinforced suspensions.
  • Trail – In this category, riders are tested on trails and mountains that have many ups and downs. The challenge is huge, but the pilots are always very engaged! 
  • Enduro – Here the endurance test takes place in Motocross. The strongest and most powerful bikes and riders with greater fitness can withstand a difficult circuit for longer. Let there be a heart!
  • Rally – In this case, the circuits are regular, the bikes are more comfortable and the challenge can be between the driver and opponents or against the clock.

Which categories are the most common?

This sport is very interesting, isn’t it? How does it happen? 

Let’s see:


  • Cross Country: for those unfamiliar, this is a speed rally for quads and motorcycles, which is divided into subcategories by vehicle specification or age.
  • Supermoto: another interesting modality, there are three categories for different motorcycles, however, they all compete on the same route, in stretches with asphalt and others on dirt.
  • Minicross: here is basically Motocross with smaller bikes and less power. It is even used as an initiation for young pilots.
  • Motocross: This race, which mixes riding technique with motorcycle performance, is generally divided into six categories aiming at engine power.
  • Motorbike: this speed race is on asphalt, and is the closest to traditional races, as it always takes place in closed circuit racetracks.
  • Enduro END: This sprint race is against the clock, divided by vehicle limitations.
  • Regularity Enduro: another test with a final classification made by the performance in each of the stages, and the best one, it can be on land, asphalt, or both.
  • Rally: Ah! this one you know well… it’s done in the same mold as cars, on surprising routes and on land.

Meet Motocross Helmets

The part we love the most has arrived! This model was specially designed for speed lovers who practice motocross and rally

The off-road helmet has a closed design, and this design protects the entire head, which prevents stones and other objects from hitting the rider, in addition to protecting against possible falls. Also because the tests are always very exciting and full of adrenaline!

These models come with resistant visors that protect the eyes from the mud during the journey as well, which certainly helps the pilot to concentrate only on the journey, without getting in the way.


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