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Bike Trail: Read Before Practicing



Venturing out on a bike trail and escaping the smog and chaos of the city is invigorating, but if you’ve never done it before, get started right by following our tips.

There are many reasons that lead cyclists to flee the city and look for a quiet place to ride. The mountain bike style gained strength, here in Brazil, from the ’80s onwards, and it’s getting stronger among the fans of physical activity.

To start with, you need to have a bike specific to the terrain you intend to engage in physical activity. This detail is important to provide more comfort and safety in unstable areas of dirt, sand or that contain roots and rocks, providing more firmness when pedalling.

If you’re looking for a trail bike, mountain bikes (MTB) are ideal. They demand a little more from the cyclist, but are able to perfectly fit their biotype and still suit any terrain such as farms, farms, forests and mountains.

Participating in any type of trial requires endurance and concentration to withstand the irregularities and obstacles along the way. It is important to know where you are going, what to take and the main precautions to avoid accidents and casual problems.

To help you out on a bike trail, we suggest some tips that you can follow to go more confidently breathing fresh air.

bicycle care

The first thing to do, before heading out on a trail, is to know your bike’s status. Each part must be in place according to its practice. Check the tires, adjust the saddle, check the suspension and leave everything adjusted, depending on the terrain on which you will be pedalling.

Keep your bike overhauled up to date, this will help reduce risks.

don’t ride alone

Here, no matter what level of cycling, from beginner to veteran, the risk is everyones. Trails are often challenging and dangerous, featuring slips, rocks, roots and so on.

If you have any problems, it’s good to have someone to turn to. Joining a group to practice the bike trail, with some experienced members, will make the activity more pleasant and safe.

Safety equipment

Safety equipment on a trail is indispensable. There can be no forgetting of any of these items, under any circumstances!

The terrain where you are going is part of nature and can present many surprises along the way. Remember to always wear a helmet, gloves, goggles, as well as quality mountain biking clothes and shoes, so you can start pedalling in peace and comfort.

Know the route

The bike trail place will never be predictable and simple. The first step, so that everything goes well on the way, is to choose the route and prepare for the route, seeking knowledge about:

  • altimetric;
  • distance;
  • level of technique required for the terrain;
  • weather forecast.

All of this will help you understand and prepare a proper speed and intensity.

cyclist posture

Good posture requires attention in some aspects, such as:

  • firmly hold the handlebars;
  • keep the body relaxed and free from tension;
  • bend your knees to adapt to the terrain without possible injuries;
  • move the body always keeping it in the centre of the bike.

Trail Kit

Another necessary item is the kit: if you want to ride a bike on trails, it will be indispensable, in case of any kind of unforeseen event or you need to replenish your body’s strength and energy to complete the journey.

One of the things you can’t miss our first aid items, such as basic bicycle tools, extra air chamber and patch kit, in addition, of course, to food.

In the latter, you can include energy drinks, light snacks, bars in general and, of course, water. All of this will help make your bike trail a success.

always be attentive

Most accidents on trails are simply caused by a lack of attention.

So, be careful on the route, dodge branches, roots and rocks, anticipate the braking before turning and change gear, depending on the terrain so as not to damage the bike’s gear and save your legs.

Now just enjoy! If you want to record good moments and beautiful landscapes, take your cell phone with a full battery, call your friends, contemplate nature and enjoy every minute – but don’t get distracted by it while riding the handlebars, huh!


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